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Rant: Eggy Wah Wah Crisps Win Walkers Vote

Walkers Do Us A Flavour Winner Builders Breakfast
The horror, the horror

Wrong, wrong, wrong, I tells ya. A travesty of justice was unleashed yesterday when Builder's Breakfast won the Walkers Crisps Do Us a Flavour Election.

The general public scandalously went against both my and Charlie Brooker's better judgement by voting for the mankiest potato creations ever.

To recap our views quickly:


"...I was not put on this earth to eat eggy crisps. Just thinking about them makes me heave a little..."

Mr Brooker:

"...the crisps themselves taste of stale fried egg and little else. It captures the feeling of sitting in a greasy spoon, being dumped via text while your food repeats on you. Depressing."

Builder’s Breakfast won with 232,336 votes - almost 22% of the total.

The six finalists

Votes for the remaining finalist flavours were as follows:

• Onion Bhaji - 221,032 votes
• Fish & Chips - 218,270 votes
• Crispy Duck & Hoisin - 176,184 votes
• Cajun Squirrel - 116,777 votes
• Chilli & Chocolate - 114,775 votes

My favoured Crispy Duck & Hoisin came a miserable fourth (sob).

I mean, I wish Emma Rushin (the creator) all the best, as she's bagged herself £50,000 and 1% of future sales, but it's apt that she comes from a town called Belper as that's pretty much the sound I released after I ate her crispy concoction.


Never mind, this was awesome PR for Walkers, so I expect they'll run the whole thing again next year.

Fingers crossed that my spag bol flavour gets picked next time ...