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Kellogg's Nature's Pleasure - Ban this Filth!

knp (4)

So there I was innocently reading about the untimely demise of Michael Jackson, when my eye strayed down to the brightly-coloured advert at the bottom.

Cute cartoon characters, but no clue as to what the product actually was - I was intrigued.

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As I turned the pages of thelondonpaper, there were more cartoon ads which spelt out the following message:

"We've added something new to muesli".

knp (1)
knp (2)
knp (3)

Anyway, it turns out Kellogg's have launched a new muesli called "Nature's Pleasure".

That's right, folks - "Nature's Pleasure".

The name itself has unfortunate connotations, but ladies and gents, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a closer look. Please.

knp (2) closeup 2

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

Nothing says "muesli" like a moustachioed man in string vest and pants.

And look - are those bloodstains?

knp (1) closeup

Cowboy boots, necktie and no kecks is how every man should dress for breakfast.

Yes sirree.

knp (0) closeup

As for this one ... WHAT. THE. FRACK?

Why is the wonk-eyed woman to the left not wearing any pants???

It's somehow much, much more obscene than the stark naked guy next to her.

I've saved the best for last though - prepare yourselves:

knp (2) closeup 1



Please could someone provide a rational explanation (other than the obvious) for what the lady above is doing?

Is she perhaps searching for some delicious bits of muesli that nestle inside a strangely positioned pocket?

No, seriously - OH. MY. GOD.


At any rate, I no longer feel like trying the free samples I got at Taste of London.

Lord alone knows what the "something new" is that they've added to their muesli.

Which flavour will I try next, Kellogg's?

None of them, you bunch of perverts

I'm guessing you won't be adding me to your blog reviews page.

knp (5)

UPDATE - Kellogg's responds!


Mat Follas said…
laughing out loud reading your post ... its not an april 1 joke is it ??
meemalee said…
If only Mat, if only ...

Seriously though, I spent ages scanning the newspaper pages so I could share my disbelief.

Very honoured to have you here by the way, sir - sounds like you survived your first week like a trooper!

I shall definitely visit the Wild Garlic asap :)
Boo said…
I concur - hilarious, thanks for taking the time to share this, I never get the London Paper because the ink smudges so I'd have missed out were it not for your post. Interesting marketing approach from Kellogs. What are they thinking exactly?? Very bizarre.
KirkK said…
Oh my meemalee - Couldn't they have thought of a better name???
Anonymous said…
oh Meemalee this is your absolute finest post yet, I laughed my head off reading this one - "Are those bloodstains?" hahahhahaha! You are a genius woman.
I am so glad you bought this to the public's attention. I'm not really a big muesli fan but I could be swayed by a brand with a name like Nature's Pleasure that relies heavily on images of people with no pants on. Muesli for perverts seems to be the message they are sending out. I can't decide if it's totally weird or brilliant!
Dan said…
Fantastic observational skills. I normally just scan adverts without really studying them.....look what Ive been missing. Seems to me that the client hasn't been paying attention to what the ad agencies been producing either.
Signe said…
Brilliant post Meemalee, now you shall face the wrath of one of the biggest food corporations on the planet LOL ;) Do you think this might be some cryptic marketing ploy from Kellogg's? Like you were meant to catch all the strange behaviour from their 'cartoon' characters then blog about it, thus re-enforcing this new 'naughty' image they're trying to foist on an unsuspecting muesli-eating public?!

Thank goodness for Rude Health I say, and unlike Kellogg's they just sell damn good muesli, without this sort of hairy advertising. My eyes, urgghh!!
Kellogg's said…
Thank you for bringing this to our attention Meemalee. You've given our entire office a huge laugh today. Very funny stuff.

There were literally tears of laughter from all of us sitting here in our cowboy boots and underpants.

Sometimes you can do nothing but hold your hands up... This would be one of those occasions.

I promise you though, it is safe to try the free samples... with or without a moustache.

Thanks again,

Dan W said…
Great spot and fair play to Kelloggs to come and have a laugh; still doesn't explain why they did it, but it's still fun.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious! Meemalee you are genius.

Maybe Kellogg's should just rename it 'swingers cereal'.

Cue flood of 'outraged of..' complaints to the ASA when the Mail and Telegraph pick up on this one, though...
Anonymous said…
Kellogg's, the only reason you're laughing is because you're so sugared up on the crumbled-up flapjacks you're trying to pass off as 'natural' breakfast cereal.

This stuff is foul, fattier than a big mac. Selling it as the choice of drunken debagged 'tards in the park is really just the icing on the cake.
Niamh said…
LOL! Hilarious. What a scream. Well spotted.

What. Were. They. Thinking?!
Elle said…
Freaking hilarious! The wonk-eyed woman thing almost made me choke on my green smoothie. WTF drugs were they on when they approved that bit of advertising?
Chesrow said…
Just a quick note-your blog is awesome!
Anne said…
I am in shock! Who came up with that advertising campaign? Were they high?!

Am very embarassed now for saying I liked it on my blog..and the fact I also have been buying it too.

Still disturbed from the 3rd from last picture. I mean, WTF??!
Gastrogeek's better half said…
....and to top it all off they go and partner with guy who's surname is 'Rimmer'.

You couldn't write this stuff.
Gastrogeek's better half said…
with 'a' guy

(this is why I leave the blogging to GG)
Kavey said…
Oh my goodness HOW did I miss this post! TOOOOO hilarious!
meemalee said…
@Boo - thelondonpaper started off ropey (they once confused P Diddy with Pete Doherty and had to print a grovelling retraction) but I actually think it's better than LondonLite now.

@KirkK - Clearly not!

@gastrogeek - I hope this isn't the pinnacle of my writing achievement but thanks all the same :)

@Sophie - Yes, who is their demographic?

@Dan - I was very bored

@Signe - No, they've promised not to kill me so it's okay

@Kelloggs - It wasn't me.

@Dan W - Thanks!

@Anonymous1 - Hopefully they've got better things to complain about :)

@Anonymous2 - Is this Michael Phelps?

@Niamh - I still don't know

@Elle - Now, now, you know Kellogg's doesn't approve of such things...

@Chesrow - Cheers!

@Anne - Don't be embarrassed - none of these characters are actually on the boxes or the website so you weren't to know :)

@Gastrogeek's better half - cheeky

@Kavey - thanks!
Vardhini said…
OMG why dont they run hilariously off color ads like that in the US? Thanks for the good laugh.
meemalee said…
@nithya at hungrydesi - Too uptight maybe? Love your blog by the way :)
Katie said…
Hysterical and how very observant of you! I found your link through the site Serious Eats, by the way.
Jack said…
haha, nice work! Saw this too - wish I was as observant mind, I was just a little angry instead :(
Unknown said…
Thank you for the delicious, gut-busting laugh. I'll be steering clear of this new twist on the muesli because, well, my legs are hairy enough au natural ... without the aid of Nature's Pleasure!
Unknown said…
To follow up ...

I've got a new question for Kellogg's: Is that a pile o' autumn leaves or a pile of multi-colored dung? I'm concerned it's the latter, as there is a "d" in the old man's wheelbarrow!
meemalee said…
@Katie - Cool - I love Serious Eats!

@Jack - It spoke to us all - your post was fab too :)

@risamay - Thanks, and I agree, it's clearly a barrow of doo-doo ;p
Biggest Jim said…
Nice one. I was laughing out loud at this one. Quality.
meemalee said…
@Biggest Jim - Thanks sir!

I am slightly concerned I may have contributed to the downfall of the london paper.