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Tatami Egg Series

Boiled eggs

Japanese konbini eggs are da bomb.

That is all.


Fat Les said…
Oh I really dunno about this young lady. I mean were they like soft boiled months ago and have a consequent shelf life of let's say a century egg?
Dennis K. said…
They certainly are! Funny I have a stash of my own combini egg photos.. Convenience stores there are so much better in general. Real tidy, freshly made food delivered daily, etc. There are a few Famima now in L.A. but none yet in SD..
meemalee said…
@Fat Les - I can't read Japanese - ignorance is bliss :)

Anyway, if you're scared of these, youshould try konbini onsen eggs!

@Dennis K - Great minds think alike! Want to see your egg pictures please :)

I read somewhere that most konbini restock food twice a day as it flies off the shelves...
Anonymous said…
my sister once told me, whilst I was enjoying a particularly perfect, runny soft-boiled egg, that an egg is basically a chicken's period. Sweet.
meemalee said…
Pshaw - I've been telling people they're hen menstruations for years - leaves more for me ...