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Excuse Me While I Ptooch


AN ENTREPRENEUR'S THOUGHT PROCESS: I'm going to set up an amazing new health food cafe. It's going to serve alfafa and falafel and other foodstuffs with the letters L, A and F in them. It's going to be delicious and nutritious and organic and take the world by storm. I've even got the perfect name - it's going to be called "Ptooch". Yeah.

MEEMALEE'S THOUGHT PROCESS: Do not call a restaurant any word which evokes hawking up and releasing a massive ball of mucussy phlegm. Just don't.


Food Urchin said…
Hmm this post could inspire a competition to find the most random, surreal and inappropriate name thought up for eateries across London.

Very funny.
Dan said…
I love the name "ptooch"'s the sound an amazonian tribesmans poison dart makes when leaving the blowpipe....the only way it could possibly be improved would be changing the name to "Ptooch.......Arrrrghhhhhh"
gastrogeek said…
Good grief. Where is this place?!!
meemalee said…
@Food Urchin - I've got a worse one up my sleeve.

@Dan - Nice - I like it! Still wouldn't make me want to eat there.

@gastrogeek - Leather Lane.
catty said…
I thought of a big wet baby's poo (sorry!) which while is not mucussy or phlegmy, i would say it is still not the image you want to conjure, hey?