Saturday, 10 October 2009

Jive Bunny


I tried to roast a rabbit in my spanking new oven at the weekend - unfortunately I got a tad distracted and over-cooked the blighter.

It was tough as old shoe leather and I actually had to stop my husband from trying to chew on the thing lest his poor teeth surrender and fall out.

Incredibly disappointing, but it did make for some hilarious pictures (at least they amused me - you might just think I'm a bit twisted).



  1. Hahahahahaha! Oh dear!

    Hang on, when are we meeting for WMPC?

    This does not bode well.

  2. Oh my goodness, that thing's very vaguely indecent!

  3. I don't eat meat- but was that ever a rabbit? Looks suspiciously like it has a little chicken head with beak in the top pic!

  4. @ Food Urchin - How very dare you.

    @Tracy - Indecent? Not nearly as obscene as your chicken in a can :p

    @TheFastestIndian - Believe, it was a rabbit :)

  5. Poor rabbit *shakes head disconsolate*

  6. Shades of MasterChef: "I wouldn't serve that to chef Michel"...

    One of those times when you think 'surely there's something I can do with it' when in reality there's only one place for that, which is inside the neighbour's dog!

  7. Zowie! That's one nuked wabbit...


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