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Why I Love MasterChef

I was going to make a video like this myself, but then someone did all the hard work for me.

Thanks CopeandDalton!

A source
claims to me that the worst/best innuendo actually gets edited out, but I'm not sure I believe them ...

At any rate, MasterChef seems to be haunting me - I was browsing Facebook yesterday and I suddenly noticed a certain advert appearing on every page.


Can you tell what it is yet?

Look a little closer:


I'm also being thoroughly tantalised by this:

Facebook MasterChef Ad (Roux)

I am
this close to placing an order. This close.

Facebook knows me too well.


Anonymous said…
That video led to some seriously girly giggling in North London. So brilliant.

What I'm enjoying about this series in particular is that J and G seem to be more light-hearted about the by now hackneyed format of the show.
The Grubworm said…
Yay - now i dont even have to pretend to watch masterchef, i can get all the good bits right here! "I wanted to taste the pee... I WANTED to taste the pee" hehehee.

By-the-bye, I have this book for you so we must meet up for lunch/drink soon!
franmouse39 said…
Brilliant! I too have a sad Masterchef addiction and may have to get the MRJ tshirt.
meemalee said…
@jamesramsden - I think it's all gone a bit Carry On

@The Grubworm - Cool, will msg you

@fran39 - Don't tempt me
Jenny said…
I sent that video to both my former flatmates, as basically all we did last year was laugh at the innuendo on Masterchef. Now I want a MRJ hoodie.
Food Urchin said…
MiMi, you're right Gregg has gone a bit Sid James eh?

What t-shirt are you getting though?
Cam said…
Haha that was brilliant! I adore Greg's faces.

Thanks for sending me the video, it was really good and slightly weird putting faces to blogs!

Luiz Hara said…
My gosh, that is hillarious!!! It is 2:03 in the morning, and I am just about to go to bed with the line "i want to taste the pee!" ringing in my mind!....
meemalee said…
@Jenny - Do you think you could get away with wearing one at Le Gavroche? :)

@FoodUrchin - Greggy all the way

@I heart cupcakes - Not yet!

@cam - You're welcome :)

@The London Foodie - He really wants to taste the pee