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An Afternoon with John and Gregg - More MasterChef Fun


Asking me if I love MasterChef is a bit like asking if a bear sh*ts in the woods.

I decided to write a blog because I'm working on a Burmese cookbook, and I wanted to know if people would like what I said, but the thing that actually got me started,
the first thing I ever wrote about, was MasterChef.

I've had some folk comment that me putting virtual pen to paper about MasterChef is a waste of my "time and talent", that it's low-brow and inane, but goddammit, I'm a big girl and if I think
it merits attention, then who the hell are they to disagree?

The fact is,
I adore MasterChef with every fibre of my being. It's emotional, it's visceral, it's ludicrous, it's compelling.

By the time you get to the final, you're right there with them, rooting for the competitors, wanting to adopt each and every one of them, to give them all a big hug and to tell them that everything's going to be all right (okay, this may just be me).

But would I ever go on MasterChef myself? For the love of God, no.

Despite being inherently vain (I have a blog - of course I'm vain), I'd never dream of competing for that delightfully plasticky trophy.

I want to watch people make
massive, ungainly sponge cakes, not try to combat them myself.

MasterChef Live - well, that's another kettle of fish entirely. I'd battled the beasts once before at the BBC Good Food Show, so when appliance gods Miele asked me, "So d'you fancy Round 2?", I said "Bring it!".

Gregg and John really like bloggers, you can tell

Plus, by then my eye had stopped twitching and I was still chafed that John and Gregg hadn't tasted my food (incidentally, Mat is firmly back on the Christmas card list. Dhruv, not so sure).

The small print? Five bloggers, one hour, two courses each, one winner. John Torode, Gregg Wallace and Andi Peters to judge. Andi Peters! Conditions to be as close to the real deal as possible. The venue - the Miele Showroom in Central London. What could possibly go wrong?


My fellow contestants were Danny aka Food Urchin, Ireena from Not Another Food Blog, Sarah from Maison Cupcake, and Helly from Fuss Free Flavours - worthy opponents and wonderful people all.

My plan to defeat them? I was going to deal out a culinary smackdown in the form of
ohn-no khao swe aka Burmese coconut chicken noodles - one of the best-loved and best-known Burmese dishes of all time.


And then I thought, "Frack - I don't do desserts". In fact, I've baked off my own bat just once in my life, when I made exceedingly square biscuits (the batter blobs were too big and kinda merged).

But I did a bit of research on how to make a basic shortbread, and finally came up with an orange zest shortcake with whipped cream and blueberries, and a blueberry and orange coulis. Howzabout that from a pud-making virgin, eh?

Thus in a state of wild and unjustified over-excitement, I met up with Food Urchin just before the zero hour to drag him around Chinatown to pick up my "special" ingredients.


The MasterChef Bloggers - Maison Cupcake, Food Urchin, Not Another Food Blog, me, Fuss Free Flavours

Final destination - the Miele Showroom. Sealed away like a space age time capsule, we walked into what can only be described as the Jetsons' residence. In lust with all the appliances, I just about managed not to fling myself at the nearest shiny surface and press all the buttons.

Food Urchin and I were asked to share a workstation, the others had their own. We set up shop with the lovely Amy as our trusty home ec, and waited for the "talent" to arrive.


And soon enough, Messrs Gregg Wallace and John Torode descended shortly after, but to my utter, utter disappointment, there was nary a sign of the legendary Andi Peters. Sad face.

Gregg and John came over over to greet us - I say "greet", the first thing Gregg said with a grin was, "Have any of you written anything rude about us?".

I wasn't sure if they recognised me from
Brum, but suddenly the pattern on the floor became very interesting to me. Hey, at least I didn’t create this image (second one down).


And then, and then, it was kick-off time. So we chopped and we diced and we minced and we sliced, and all the while, the Egg and the Toad came over to poke and to prod and generally get right up our grill-pieces.

Gregg decided to call me "YouYou" which was hilarious as you can imagine, and John just gave me death stares.

Soon though, I was too busy playing with the Miele equipment to give a fig - I especially loved the BOOST button on the hob which got you a pan-ful of boiling water quicker than a kettle.

"What's that? Who's behind me?"

The hour flew by way too quickly, and suddenly it was time to dish up "to restaurant standards".

This year's winner Dhruv Baker turned up at this point as well, allegedly to say hello, but more likely to make fun of us all.


So up on the pass we had:

  • Food Urchin - Grilled Mackerel with Spring Onions, Charlotte Potatoes and Calcot Sauce, followed by Stewed Gooseberries topped with Meringue Peaks (the goosegogs and tatties were home-grown, no less)
  • Not Another Food Blog - Indian Spiced Salmon, Vegetable Pilau Rice and Aubergine Raita, folowed by Nectarine 'Crumble'
  • Fuss Free Flavours - Veal on a Mediterranean sauce of garlic, onion, raisins, capers & olives with a rocket and broad bean salad, followed by Lime and Elderflower posset with berries marinated in homemade elderflower cordial and an Irish Lace biscuit.
  • Maison Cupcake - Hazelnut French macarons with mascarpone and Nutella filling, followed by Hummingbird Bakery's Nutty Apple Loaf (can I just say all power to Sarah for daring to make macarons and beautiful they were - though I'm not sure my mum would deem this a balanced, two-course meal)
  • Meemalee's Kitchen - Burmese coconut chicken noodles aka ohn-no khao swe, followed by blueberry and orange zest shortcake, with whipped cream and a blueberry and orange coulis.

Judgement time. Noodles first. I told The Egg and the Toad I'd cooked Burmese food, though I kinda got the impression I could have said it was Martian.

At any rate, they seemed unimpressed and rather confused that I'd put the garnishes on the side, though I explained, “That’s the Asian way of eating – you season according to your own tastes”. Tumbleweed rolled past.


They took a forkful - John wanted more fish sauce and Gregg wanted more chilli.

Whatevs man, it's meant to be a subtle dish, and I'm not sure what part of "season to taste" they didn't understand.



Next up pudding. Alas and alack, my lovingly-whipped cream melted into a puddle as the blueberry sauce simply hadn't cooled enough, but John seemed to like it, despite the milkshakey-ness.

Gregg complained about the fact that I'd baked star-shaped biscuits, and stridently declared that those who make their food into shapes "lack confidence in their cooking". To which I say equally stridently, "

Stick it in your gob, Gregg

However, he did say that I had real baking skill, though sadly he didn't feel the urge to stick his face in it.

Anyway, Dhruv "
Palate of an Angel" Baker liked my food, so I couldn't really give a monkey's what the other two think.

I know he looks doubtful, but he did like it, honest

Anyway, after they'd gone all the way down the line, we knew Ireena from Not Another Food Blog had won, as the gruesome twosome only just stopped short of inhaling their spoons.

Her pud especially was a triumph, so well done to her on winning the grand prize of a Miele Masterclass Cookery Experience and a bottle of bubbly.

Ireena, the Miele MasterChef Bloggers' Cook-off Champion

Weirdly, everything's a bit of a blur after this. In fact, you can actually hear Gregg expressing concern for me here.

What a lovely pair of chaps they are.

But thank you so much to
Miele for inviting me to take part and for the chance to meet some fine fellow bloggers - 'twas an interesting afternoon all round.

And here's to Round 3 - whatever form that may take ...

Blueberry Shortcake Recipe here.

Help me. Please.


emmizzykay said…
*Love* your final pic. "Get off me you big bald weird man!"
I dont envy the hug from the baldy bolshy guy but the Miele appliances. . .oooh. . .
Wow! what a great experience! Really enjoyable read too! I too LOVE Masterchef!

Leluu x
May said…
I want one of those turbo buttoned hobs!!!!

ps... you let them off much too lightly tho.
meemalee said…
@emmizzykay @Catalan Cooking - You know you want it

@Fernandez & Leluu - It was - thank you x

@May - We all want one of those Miele hobs ...
Food Urchin said…
Great post MiMi and very diplomatic too. Undiplomatically, I think I should expose your tendencies to leave random piles of groceries on chinese supermarket shelves after discovering that they don't stock a certain item. There I've said it, the truth will out. ; )
Su-Lin said…
From what I've seen on the show (very little - it makes me very angry), they never seem to appreciate Asian cuisine...
I think 'diplomatic' is definitely the word here. Also re-the genius of Masterchef, I think it's important that it is the show itself that we really like rather than Egg and Toad in particular. I wonder if they were expecting more of a fan club? Although that's actually here nor there.
I'd also forgotten about the lack of Andi Peters too!
Suz said…
Ahhhh, I've been waiting to read your write up - it's very nice.

I clicked that link going 'ooh, I wonder what this is ... HANG ON A MINUTE!'

Your food looks delish. If all my food was star-shaped then I'd be at least 30% happier with my life, I reckon.
Diplomatic is the perfect word.

I actually had no idea that Andi Peters was meant to be there.

Love Miele. They are lending me steam oven for 3 weeks. I know I will want to keep it,
meemalee said…
@Food Urchin - Shush you

@Su-Lin - Ha, you sound like my mum :)

@TheFastestIndian - Well done again! And of course it's the show. It's all about the show. A manatee could present MasterChef and I'd still watch it.

@Suzler - Hehe, sorry Suz! And thank you xxx

@Helen, Fuss Free Flavours - What the? How'd you get that gig? :)
Anne said…
Looks like you had a great time, I walked past the showroom the other night and was having oven envy!

Also I think star shaped biscuits are perfect, I made them way back at school for a food tech product and everyone loved them, John and Greg know nothing ;-)
Sasa said…
You're writing a Burmese cookbook!? Awesome, I want one. The Masterchef live thing - I say wha~? - who made that up? I like the idea of cooking comp shows but unfortunately haven't seen one in donkey's since I live in ahem, a German speaking country and my German is not up to scratch...My friend Adam is on the Australian one though - last 2!!! I used to watch a cartoon Ironchef on Japanese telly as a kid, does that count? Looks like you did awesome but looking blank about the seasoning thing, uh, have they never been outta the UK? o_0
meemalee said…
@Anne - It is a really beautiful show-room :)

And too right about the biscuits!

@Sasa - I am indeed writing a Burmese cookbook - I hope someone might be interested in publishing it!

Your friend is in the final of MasterChef Australia??? WOW!
I love your Jetsons analogy, working in the Miele showroom was a far bigger thrill for me than having Messrs Egg and Toad taste my food and throw sarcastic quips at me. And I think it means far more to get a nod from Dhruv as he's not having to put on an act.

Am clutching my sides after seeing that Thomas picture on the other blog!!!
The Ample Cook said…
MiMi, I thought your food looked delicious. You could cook that noodle dish for me any time.

The star shaped biscuit onyour dessert looked right. A plain circle would have looked quite dull.

What a great effort and a fantastic opportunity to cook in such a fabulous kithen, with all those appliances.

So sad that your experience was teinted by Gregg and John.

It is very clear that they showed themselves up in quite a monumental way. I assumed that they were far more professional than this.

If the Grocer and the Chef read this (I'm sure one of their minions will keep them informed)I would like to say, that as a Master Chef fan I am thoroughly disappointed in you.

Remember this you two: It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.
chumbles said…
Burmese cookery book - YAY! :¬) I wonder what the title would be? Travels with MiMi!?

How do you do it, MiMi, and how have you avoided being recruited by one of the papers or magazines? Another great post and the final caption - brilliant.
Jen said…

It looks like such fun. And I'm sure your food was delicious. I love Masterchef too but I definitely agree that it's the concepts we love, not the hosts. Sometimes they say the most hilariously contradictory things and I do wonder about Greg's palette.

Jealous you got to play some more with the Miele stuff!!
LadySG said…
*applauds and throws rose petals*

I love reading your blog Mims.

Must say, I get quite worked up by people who feel they have the absolute definitive opinions about food.
As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, surely taste is in the mouth of the diner?

Food should be given with love and care, and what's more caring then providing the right things for someone else's enjoyment, whatever that preference might be???
Mr Noodles said…
You could have made bollocks-shaped biscuits to really get your message across.
bron said…
Such enthusiasm!

Your noodles look great - I'd love a bowl right now!
meemalee said…
@Sarah, Maison Cupcake -

"I think it means far more to get a nod from Dhruv as he's not having to put on an act"

Yes, completely. I trust Dhruv's judgment.

@The Ample Cook -

Thank you - that's really lovely of you to say, and I promise I will cook that dish for you some time x

Will the Powers That Be read this? Surely not. After all, no-one reads my blog ...

@chumbles -

Not sure that "Travels With MiMi" is catchy enough. I rather like Underneath the Mango Tree, but then people will just think about James Bond. How about "MiMi's Burmese Cookbook"? :D

As for avoiding being recruited by a paper or magazine - are you KIDDING me?

I would LOVE to get paid to write - anyone hear me? Bueller? Bueller?

@Jen -

Totally - and I forgot that you loved that Miele walk-in fridge as much as I did :)

@FrillyPetticoats -

Thank you my dear - your support and your words are very much appreciated xxx

@Mr Noodles - Mmmm, bollock biscuits

@Bron - Thanks Bron! I will be posting the recipe shortly!
Lovely fun post and good on you for doing it, what an experience!

Havent read much of your blog until now but keen to follow from now on :)

Sasha @ The Happiness Project London
Great blog. Sounds like you had a great time.
meemalee said…
@Sasha - Thank you so much and welcome!

@Woody the Foodie - Thank you - we met at the Tilda event, didn't we? :)
The Grubworm said…
I think their toady expression in that third shot says it all. If a manatee presented masterchef, i might actually watch it. Heh ;-)

I like the starry starry shortbread, and good job on the baking complement - the more I read/hear about them, the more I realise this was a blood-from-stone moment.

I say go with the bollock biccies next time and sod 'em. Keep up the good work.
meemalee said…
@The Grubworm - Thanks, I'm rather fond of my starry, starry shortbread :)
S said…
fantastic, darling! i have been away and didnt read about this until recently. well dont, you. i would have inhaled that Burmese dish of yours. and i am *dying* for the book to come out. xxx shayma
meemalee said…

Oh thanks sweetie!

I will let you know if/when my cookbook materialises - but you'll get my ohn-no khao swe recipe here :)