Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Giant Robot, Clerkenwell - The Haiku Review

Giant Robot, Clerkenwell - Space Age Diner
Giant Robot, Clerkenwell - Space Age Diner

Prawns are giant. Meat
Balls are not. Tasty but dear.
There is no robot.

Giant Robot - Giant Prawns (garlic, chilli, oregano) £23.60
Giant Prawns (garlic, chilli, oregano) £23.60
You get five

Giant Robot - Spaghetti and Meatballs (beef, spicy tomato sauce, pecorino) £9.65
Giant Robot - Spaghetti and Meatballs (beef, spicy tomato sauce, pecorino) £9.65
The "large" portion

Giant Robot
45-47 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1M 5RS
020 7065 6810

Giant Robot on Urbanspoon

A Giant Robot
What I expected

EDITED TO ADD: For future pithy nonsense, see The Haiku Review


  1. LOL That last picture was what I was expecting too! Or at least some sort of robot decoration - wallpaper looks tasty not sure about the lack of actual robots though! I love the Haiku style blog too :)

  2. Glad you didn't disappoint, I was hoping to see a review written in haiku and the robot is just a bonus!!!

  3. LOVE this MiMi; as the author of some of the longest posts around it's refreshing to see this starkest of contrasts!

    Were there no robots at all? That's just wrong. Trade Descriptions, anyone? :-)

  4. @TheLittleWelsh - I detected no sign of any robots, but I did love the big lamp thing - very Blade Runner. And thanks!

    @Sarah, Maison Cupcake -Why thank you :)

    @Hugh Wright - *blush* Yeah, sorry, I do go off on a little ramble in most of my posts.

    Amazing what a bit of writer's block and laziness will do.

    Will try to rein myself in more in future :)

  5. Reviews are more fun
    when they are done in haiku.
    Quicker to read too.

  6. Amazing, that you condensed an entire review into a haiku but still managed to say everything needed is so impressive! And the picture at the end makes it!

  7. @Becci

    Now I want ALL my comments to be haikus.


    Very kind of you to say :)

  8. Short and sweet, Not large
    Like the meatball portion!
    Nice snacks, better review.

  9. Spot on review:
    Giant prawns but small balls
    Menu of madness

  10. Le-gen-da-ry Chat
    From the small one with no hat!
    Giant Prawns ATTACK...

    might have to work on that one...

  11. The "What I expected" killed me!

  12. wahahahahhahaaa this is so hilarious. You should totally do more haiku blogs! it's a TALENT!

  13. Prawns make excellent
    waiters, but lunch makes for a
    Short notice period

  14. Love this review! Disappointed about lack of giant robots both at restaurant and in life in general. Recently joined twitter & have been sniggering a lot at some of your tweets (because they were funny not because I'm disturbed or something...)

  15. Hmmm, for almost £5 quid each those giant prawns had better be of BFG proportions. Nice name, shame about the lack of actual robot.

  16. @Chumbles - Thank you sir!

    @The Grubworm - I forgot how bizarre the menu was and how we needed it explained to us.

    @Pavel - Small one with no hat? You mean me?? I'd watch "Giant Prawns Attack".

    @Mer - I love that photo

    @catty - It's funny you should say that ...

    @Josordoni - Because they have lots of feelers, you mean?

    @Tina - Aww thanks! Who are you on Twitter, may I ask? I expect many of my followers are a little odd :)

    @TheFastestIndian - Not big enough for my liking but pretty big.

  17. @Josordoni - Because they have lots of feelers, you mean?

    yes, just think how many plates they could balance at once!

  18. More please.
    That was succinct and clear.

  19. I meant that *I* write some of the longest reviews around! Yours are always crisp and to the point whereas I'm the self-confessed King of Ramble!

  20. I did mean you yes,
    I used small under duress,
    it was artistic...

  21. I am far too tired / in body, mind and spirit / to write a haiku

    The giant robot / hides his graceful self / from your hungry eyes

  22. I think you might have set a trend with that!

  23. @Josordoni - Hehe, prawny waiters

    @May Slow Food Kitchen - More at my new blog The Haiku Review!

    @Hugh Wright - See, I would say it was the other way round :)

    @Pavel - That is beautiful

    @Kavey - If you can do that when you're tired, wow

    @Northern Snippet - I hope so - and I want guest reviewers on the Haiku Review!

  24. I'll definitely do a guest post for you! Sounds like fun :^D

  25. I'm hallodarling on twitter. I always end up sounding mental on twitter as I run out of words.

  26. @Pavel - Yes please!

    @Tina - Ah - cool - followed :)

  27. Haha! Excellent. Was this related at all to GR magazine?

  28. @Dennis K - No, but I was convinced it was! Doesn't Giant Robot US have its own cafe?

    @Northern Snippet - Cool! Do email me if you have a haiku review!

  29. Hi meemalee I just visited gr/eats yesterday but was too full to actually eat anything.. haha


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