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Edd Kimber's Macaron Class - Making Macs with the Great British Bake Off Winner


I am a terrible student. Firstly, I turn up late to a macaron baking class by Edd Kimber.

Yes, that Edd Kimber, the guy who won the Great British Bake Off hosted by Mel and Sue and judged by the Silver Fox and Nicholas Parsons's sister. A macaron class held by an official baking genius.

And yet I turn up late.


Edd with two D's. Like Edd the Duck. Genuinely.


Secondly, I interrupt his demo with lots of silly questions.

Look at him humouring me.


He makes a salted caramel sauce. He makes the macaron batter.

I'm not paying attention, because I'm too busy inhaling the wonderful sugared scent.


This much did sink in - the best macaron batter must fall in languid waves.

Next, Edd pipes perfect circles of macaron batter, spaced out so they don't merge into some kind of uberon.



We all take turns to copy him, piping circle after circle.

Some more successfully than others.


2001: A Cake Odyssey


Crisp shells of delicious almond joy with perfect "feet".


And now Edd whips up the salt caramel ganache for the filling.


Yea, verily, did I stick my face in the caramelly leftovers.

Verily, did I suck the clingfilm dry.

Verily, it was that good.

Edd now pipes the filling into each of the macaron shells.


Ta-daa - macarons from heaven.

And we all get doggy bags to take away.


Obviously, I'm being flippant (you know me) - in truth, Edd Kimber's macaron class was brilliant fun and very informative.

Edd's clearly a natural teacher and, most importantly, he understands the limits of a domestic cook and a domestic kitchen.

This was just a trial class, but Edd will be commencing hands-on workshops early next year.

To register your interest, please email Edd Kimber at with the subject "Macaron Class".

Gif of me stuffing my face inelegantly courtesy of Simon Kimber


Uyen Luu said…
I blame the others for making me miss this one!!!

Mimi - I want that animation of you as a screen saver! it is hilarious! For now - am going to keep this post open at that bit! haha and watch you stuff yourself all day long xxx
Suz said…
You have your own gif! I love it.

Those macarons sound heavenly. I think I know my problem now - my batter didn't fall in languid waves. Also, my piping skills are shite.
Mardi Michels said…
What a fabulous writeup! I have followed Edd for a long time on his blog and Twitter and am thrilled that he is so successful. Looks like a great class!
NorthcoteBeers said…
Wow, they look fabulous, I too am really glad Edd is becoming so successful. He really seems like a lovely chap. I really should give macarons a go soon, they'd make fab gifts, I think salted caramel ones would be very well received!
meemalee said…
@LOVE LELUU - Sign up for the next one! That gif will drive you mad btw xxx

@Suzler - I was flapping around going "I can't pipe! I can't pipe" but Edd calmed me down and stood by my side. He's the macaron whisperer.

@Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite - Lovely people deserve to succeed and Edd is certainly lovely. And his proper classes will be brill, I'm sure.

@NorthcoteBeers - Maybe we could convince Edd to do occasional touring classes and come up to show you? Of course, in Norfolk you have your very own macaron genius in the form of Tim Kinnaird.
Unknown said…
looks like you had a great time... I may have to sign up even though you know my thoughts on the humble macaron!...
The Grubworm said…
The ever eating MiMi of ever anything was worth a LOL, that's it.

You make it all sound so dangerously simple - methinks it would prove a whole lot more complicated when trying at home. At least for an unscientific cook such as myself.
The Grubworm said…
Hmmm, re-reading that first sentance I posted, I still have no idea what I meant to say. That's the effect the 'perpetual-motion-MiMi-eating' image had on my brain ;)
meemalee said…
@Dom @ Belleau Kitchen - Have we convinced the macaron naysayer? Whoop! Whoop!

@The Grubworm - Look away, look away ...
Linguinadc said…
Wow They look amazing! And judging by your pictures they seems to be also extremely good! Well done you and Edd.
Mary Berry is Nicholas Parsons' sister?! How did I get to the age of 37 without finding this out by myself?

Seriously good class. Gutted I wasn't worthy of an invite! Perhaps I should ask him to host one at my house next time?
Kavey said…
I can see my funny little head.
Yum. Mary Berry is Parsons sister??
Sale Of the Century??
Cook in a Curry said…
Love this Mimi. Wish I was a at that class. The macarons look amazing but I have to say the best one has to be ur pics on the post!
meemalee said…
@Linguinadc - Yes, I enjoyed them thoroughly, thanks :)

@Sarah, Maison Cupcake - She's not, I just decided she looked like him!

@Kavey - You're a funny little person.

@Northern Snippet - Um, no, she's not - I was being silly.

@Cook in a Curry - Thanks Maunika :)
PDH said…
These look amazing... I WANT!!!
Nicola said…
I like you.
You make me laugh.
Thank you.
meemalee said…
@Pavel - Sign up for a class and you'll get to eat loads :D

@Nicola - Thank you *blushes*
meemalee said…
@diva - Sign up for a class - they are indeed delicious and then you can make them yourself at home :)
Michael said…
Your macaroons are wonderful. :)