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MasterChef Final 2011 (TV Recap)

The 2011 MasterChef Finalists - Tim, Sara, Tom

2011 saw a brave new world as MasterChef (aka MehsterChef) copied its Australian counterpart by installing a fancy piece of topiary and dragging out the already interminable extravaganza by showing us the previously untelevised audition stages.

Hopefuls prepared their top dish to win a place in the final 20 (twenty!), but the series began with a whimper as the best part of the show - the Invention Test - seemed to have been consigned to history. Where's the fun in watching people make the one dish they know by heart? Where's the creativity, the ingenuity?

Worse was the bizarrely humiliating format, as they were forced to wheel a tea-trolley of comestibles onto a stage and turn tricks for the gurning Gregg Wallace and John Torode. Hopes crushed, unsuccessful contenders wheeled their trolleys back off again under the eyes of their disappointed loved ones.

After two episodes of X-FactorChef, I got fed up and turned off - even the gruesome twosome blind-folding contestants and making them "feel their meat" failed to keep me hooked.

But then, but then, old habits die hard, and so I ended up tuning into the (three) finals. And it seemed that MasterChef might have got a bit good again. Despite the surreally uncomfortable sight of them cooking for John Torode's family, I rather enjoyed My Big Fat Bogan Wedding and the kangaroo ballsack challenge. And so ...

The 2011 MasterChef Finalists - Tim, Sara, Tom
Tim, Sarah, Tom

This year's three finalists are 26 year old Tim Anderson, 31 year old Tom Whitaker and 40 year old (but much younger-looking) Sara Danesin Medio.

Overblown music accompanies a montage of their journey so far - I spy what looks like a pimped-up Kinder Bueno and note that the trophy is ten times sexier than it used to be (phwoar, granite).

"One of these three shall join these exceptional people" drones voiceover lady India Fisher and I'm chuffed to see my favourites in the front of the previous winners.

Sob-story time!

YORK! Padawan Sarah was tortured by fish by her father and grandfather until one day, traumatised, she split into three different people. The other two versions of her ran off to smoke and do naughty things, whilst she comforted herself with bowls of pasta. True love saved her in the form of Doctor David who forced her to learn English and earn her keep in a pub.

Sara likes fish. Fish likes Sara.
Sara loves fish. Fish loves Sara.

Now an ITU sister, her life is stressful, probably made more so by the female youngling in her house whose presence is never explained. As for cooking, her flavours have always been there, but it's not till recently that it's looked beautiful too. She once made an unpleasantly orange soup.

PUTNEY! Tom Hardy lookalike (growl) Tom was exposed to dangerous levels of food as a child. In an effort to cure this terrible affliction, he turned to SCIENCE which found him leading a dangerous double life - supermarket dentist by day and cheese warehouse DJ by night.

An example of Tom's cooking
An actual televised example of Tom's cooking

He then discovered an affinity for cooking which he honed after three years in Rome, although Italian ethos rather than cuisine is his style.

Lucy is the love of his life and they are soon to be married, despite the fact she didn't like him when they met. He once made a dish that looked like a turd and got dissed by a clown.

A sliced poo
Sliced poo

WHITECHAPEL! Tim's tale is intro'ed by Perpetuum Mobile, our really old friend (was used to intro Dhruv Baker last year - so that means Tim's won, right? RIGHT?).

Sweetly bespectabled Garth Algar lookalike Tim hails from Wisconsin, the home of that culinary treat known as deep-fried cheese curds.

I've been to Wisconsin. Everything he says is true. Barbecues rock Wisconsin-style and now I'm craving brats and butterburgers.

World Famous Cheeses of Wisconsin
Go Green Bay Packers!

For no apparent reason, Blur's Country House is used to illustrate Tim travelling to LA and then on to Japan where he studied the art of noodle culture (I kid you not - this reminds me, a cousin once rang up my mum, a doctor, concerned that his love of instant ramen would cause him to develop "noodle face". My brother, also a doctor, had told him this was a genuine disease).


Tim also became a taiko drum master and met Laura, English lass and fellow matsuri lover, and got her drunk enough on beer and cheese that she brought him home with her to the Luxe to engage in a stilted conversation about mincemeat. He now sells beer and sketches excellent pictures. Dude rocks washoku and weird shit.

Weird shit

It's the Final Final Final and we're here in the new, improved and ridiculously cavernous studio!

As usual, John and Gregg begin to stalk the contestants to put them off their game and to issue random nonsense from their mouths.

Where are Gregg's hands? WHERE ARE GREGG'S HANDS?

"Polenta can often be crap, but Sara's Italian - she must be able to make it". Ah yes, John, because all English cooks can make Yorkshire puddings and all Indian cooks can make naan.

Tim's making "Burgers, noodles and British puddings". Gourmet Gregg is terribly worried that he'll end up with a bowl of "wet noodles", but can't wait to get his cock, sorry, spoon into the puddings (Food Urchin made me say that).

John's worried about a flavour clash, though excited by Tim's "Wah-GOO","GUY-oza" and "Shee-SHO" (he and the voiceover lady really need to look at FORVO).


Tom wants to win because he's never been the best at anything ever ever ever and is prepared to sacrifice a pig (and his finger) in order to see this through. And if that fails, the fried things, soft things and crispy things should do it.




  • Pan-fried fillet of gurnard, octopus pease pudding and mollusc ragoût of whelks, winkles and razor clams

  • Saddle of suckling pig stuffed with walnuts, black pudding and oats, on smoked pomme purée, deep fried pigs trotter crubeens, crispy pig’s ear salad, and creamy pork honey sauce

  • Seashore and hedgerow: carrageen moss vanilla pudding, oat biscuit crumble, quince and rosehip coulis, elderflower jelly and crystallised mint leaves

The starter is fab save for the peas, which are undercooked and still firm.
As for the main, Gregg says it's highly original. I guess he does eat at Harvester a lot.
Anyway, Tom's smoked mash is unnerving me.


Pudding - and Gregg is over-excited about Tom's "moss flavoured custard". Carageen yeah? Just a seaweed version of gelatine (cf agar).
Anyway, Tom's elderflower jelly is unnerving me.


VERDICT: they'd book his restaurant in an instant.



  • Chocolate ravioli stuffed with partridge and ricotta served with partridge demi-glace sauce, and beurre noisette with parmesan

  • Mango parfait topped with passion fruit glaze and lime and vodka nitro-sorbet

  • Saddle of hare served on blackberry jam with crispy thyme-scented polenta, parsnip silk, chestnut purée and a medley of autumn mushrooms
It's exceedingly brown.

John thinks the starter is beautiful and well-executed on every level; Gregg loves the "meaty partridge as smooth as you like" and wants to give it a kiss.

"Have you ever been to a Harvester before?"

Gregg is completely surprised by the main and didn't expect that combo of flavours. I guess he does eat at Harvester a lot.
The pudding is dreamy and refreshing for Gregg, but lacks a dimension for John.

VERDICT: this is restaurant quality food.



  • Tri-City Sliders: The Los Angeles Slider of Wagyu Beef Tartare, Smoky Beer and Jalapeño Marmalade, Avocado and Butter Bean Mousse, The Tokyo Slider of Monkfish Liver, Umeboshi Ketchup, Jellied Ponzu, Matcha Mayonnaise, and The London Slider of Curried Lamb Cheeseburger, Apple and Ale Chutney, Raita Mayonnaise, all served on Beer Buns

  • Kyushu-Style Pork Ramen with Pork Belly, Truffled Lobster Gyoza topped with Porcini crisps, Julienned Rhubarb and Spring Onion and served with Aromatic Oils and Pork Broth

  • Sticky Toffee Crème Brûlée with Blackcurrant Stout Sauce, Deep-fried Rhubarb and Custard Crumble Ball and Cheddar Cheesecake with Whiskey Jelly

A close-up of Tim's dessert

Gregg is reduced to giggles by the radish highs of the starter and dubs Tim a clever old stick. John's not keen on the sweet curried lamb, but admits that that's his palate - mainly he's flabberghasted that Tim made everything from scratch in time, including the sour pickled plums. This astonishment carries through to the main and the pudding - it's inventive, delicious and incredible that he managed it all.

VERDICT: Tim says "That went better than expected". Bless you for your understatement.

So the three contestants leave the room, and John and Gregg froth at the mouth about what Tim, Tom and Sara have achieved. Gregg says "You could eat out every day for two months and still not experience food like that". I guess he does eat at Harvester a lot.

John's beside himself at Tom's ability to make nose-to-tail British food wonderful and sexy and by the fact that he exploded a pig in their honour, Gregg's orgasmic at Sara's chocolate ravioli and her Italian soul, and they're both overcome by Tim's chutzpah, quirkiness and talent.


But as well we know, there can be only one.

Strangely melancholy music plays as the three come back into the hangar-like studio and after the cliched dramatic pause ...

Tim is announced as the worthy winner for making every one of John's senses tingle.

Incredulous, the young man steps up to get his trophy (with the words "You're kidding?" - yes, Tim - that really is the only prize).

Tim Anderson, 2011 MasterChef Winner
"If you're gonna spew, spew into this"

And in an unexpected turn of events, instead of the traditional "shout into the mobile phone to say that they've won", Tim's wife Laura appears in person to congratulate her conquering hero.

They're cute.

Laura congratulates Tim

Tim Anderson, 2011 MasterChef Champion


All screencaps/photos copyright BBC/SHINE


Mr Noodles said…
Never mind your cousin, I'm a bit worried that I might develop 'noodle face'. Or even worse, I may have it, and not know it...
Food Urchin said…
Oh dear, that did tickle my funny bone and I didn't even watch this series. Fantastic post.
Btw I never said that...... did I?
Michelle said…
Have I told you I love you MiMi? If you get tired of the other half, sneeze my way please :-)
meemalee said…
@Mr Noodles - Oh, you've totally got noodle face. It's too late for you,

@Food Urchin - You did, so you did.

@Michelle Peters-Jones - How did you know I had a filthy cold?? Thanks :)
PDH said…
Brilliant! I do love it when you write it about that there Mastersheath!

I can't think why someone would tweet about Harvester like that... so often...
Judith said…
I love you MiMi. You brighten my day. Did you know the 2009 (2009!!) Masterchef is showing on TV here in New Zealand? So I get to watch Mat win all over again. God knows when we'll get this 2011 series here - 2015 if we're lucky.
meemalee said…
@Pavel - My god, from now on I will only be able to think of it as MasterSheath.

@Judith - Thank you kindly! Yay for Mat :) Hope you get the series soon!

@Suzler - He's adorable, innit.
tehbus said…
This was the best thing about the last series for me:
Hjonesy said…
Brilliant! A restaurant quality blog post! *stuffs napkin into mouth*
I did the same as you and switched off after first two episodes, but came back, tail between my legs, for the finals. Think your post sums it all up perfectly.
I didn't notice but did they revert to Coldplay/Snow Patrol when they announced the winner, or does that not fit their 'new format'?
Nicky said…
This brought tears of laughter to my eyes - and a straaannnge compulsion to eat at Harvester ....... :) Cracking blog post MiMi x
The Grubworm said…
Did you know Greg ate in Harvester a lot..? ;) Ha..hahah...hahahahaha.

Great write up. I laughed a lot. And I didn't need to bother watching it at all. The dishes all look amazing, the contestants sound like nice talented people. And Greg and John, well, they're still Greg and John, shame.
Unknown said…
I think I'm the only one that liked the first few episodes. It was a little embarrassing for some but the deconstructed trifle was pretty funny (obviously not everyone practiced enough)!

I was really happy to see an American compete and was rooting for him to win!
meemalee said…
@tehbus "Masterchef Insignificant Summer Pudding - Deconstructed Trifle" INCREDIBLE!

@HJonesy - Ooh possibly, I'm not that familiar with the works of either (apart from Yellow and Run) but where was my Take That? *cries*

@Nicky - Hehe, I've actually been to a Harvester recently. It was shit.

@The Grubworm - All the contestants did seem really lovely but then I'm basing this on the few episodes I saw :D

@Cupcake Kelly - Yeah, I was really glad for him. The number of comments I saw saying he shouldn't have been allowed to compete on the grounds of his nationality made me despair for humankind. Especially because those are probably the same people who got angry when that Gamu kid got deported from X-Factor (or something, I can't remember the exact details).
WalshyMK said…
I guess he does eat at Harvester a lot. BUT WHERE ARE HIS HANDS?!?!

Great post again MiMi...

(ps - my word verification is "rophypsi" - all that talk of Gregg's cock and I totally see that as rohypnol... BLARGH)
That photo of Harvester Gregg has made me slightly queasy!!
Thank you for listening to our pleading and writing this up -fabulous as usual!! I actually watched most if it, but avoided the X Factor crap at the beginning!!
BeccaRothwell said…
I'm so glad I didn't bother watching this series now, this recap was so much better hehehe ^_^

Please never stop recapping MastercheFactor for us MiMi!
meemalee said…
@WalshyMK - I did it for you, Martha - since you said you only started watching MasterChef because of me :)

@I heart cupcakes - Maybe I should have done it that way round.

@BeccaRothwell - I'm loving the fact that a lot of my comments are from people who didn't watch it. Does it make ANY sense? :)

@tehbus - Dude, thanks for the heads-up on that video - it was so awesome I had to add the link behind "unsuccessful contenders"
Unknown said…
@meemalee - It's terrible of those people to say that. If a person lives in the UK lawfully with the right paperwork it shouldn't matter.

There was a contestant on Big Brother years ago (from Nigeria?) and she violated her visa terms (her visa was for her to work as a nurse I think)and being on the show she wasn't working so they tried to deport her.

I also have a visa that allows me to only work at a specific place. Knowing that I wouldn't bother quitting my job and applying in the first place!
WalshyMK said…
I'm going to have that hanging over me forever, aren't I? Well GOOD THING TOO!!
Karohemd said…
My favourites from the beginning were James (the pierced and tattooed carpenter) but he had a momentary lapse of judgment during one round (cooking for the critics) serving stupid experimental dishes and dropped out. The other one was Liz (@the_modernchef) who inexplicably didn't make it into the final 18 (but already works as a pro chef so no harm done).
After that, I didn't have a favourite for a while as Tim was too much of a smug prick in my eyes, Tom was occasionally brilliant but also rubbish and Sara wasn't that interesting.
In the end, I wanted Tom to win because he was the one who improved the most.
Of the final final menu, I just wanted to eat everything of all contestants and, at least without tasting the food myself, I couldn't pick a winner.
Still, it's undeniable that Tim is a serious talent with a rather steady, modern concept and I have no doubt he'll make it big in the not too distant future.
meemalee said…
@Cupcake Kelly - I hear the MasterChef application process is pretty in-depth so I guess all those questions are asked upfront.

@WalshyMK - Yep, ain't ever gonna let you forget it.

@Karohemd - It's great to get the opinion of someone who saw their whole journey - thanks :)
Pavel said…
I only watched the last few episodes as well. To be fair, and in the words of the inbetweeners, the start was gash...
I only watched bits and bobs of this one. Your write-ups remain a highlight of this series!
I have missed the MiMi Masterchef round ups so was forced to watch the entire series this time.

I am amused that having been asked to cook for them that only one of the five had really watched it before.
paul said…
Brilliant - like you I watched the first programme and the final.

You have a fantastic career as a TV critic, get rid of AA Gill in the Sunday Times and put you there!
Greedy Diva said…
I couldn't get into Masterchef this year either but your post was far more entertaining! Food Urchin, you're disgusting as always - I can't believe you made her say that.
meemalee said…
@Pavel - I love the Inbetweeners, me.

@TheFastestIndian - Aww, thanks :)

@Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours - Was it a surreal experience? ;P

@paul - Goodness no, but thanks!

@Greedy Diva - Isn't he a shocker?
Brilliant as ever, MiMi :)
Sharmila said…
The new format upset me so I also ducked out till the final two weeks (now if they mess with The Professionals, I will definitely have my angry face on). I was just probably most relieved that 4th placed Jackie didn't make it through to the final three. Jesus christ that woman was annoying,
chumbles said…
I had despaired of you taking on the modern, modern Masterchef; while I agree about the auditions and rugby scrum mass cook-offs at the start (and what's with the producers that they think that that cavern is a sensible place to do anything but store an aircraft or two...) when they got down to lesser numbers and the challenges - you missed your favourite hobbit, Tom Kitchin, for a start - it improved! I was rooting for the cockney carpenter, simply because there was something quite insane about a beefy rough diamond cooking really good food.

But in the final I was split between Sara and Tim for the title. But the sheer scope, complexity and inventiveness of Tim's won it for me too.

...wheeled their trolleys back off again - cue Bruno Mars "Grenade" - and have you noticed how Gregg has gone all weepy at these bits? You are a very funny and naughty person... Please do more - I would especially love to see you take on 2 greedy italians - the first episode of which was both hilarious and touching!

Sorry for being so verbose - see how good you are!
meemalee said…
@aforkfulofspaghetti - Too kind, thank you!

@Sharmila - I have heard about this Jackie ...

@chumbles - It's okay, I saw my favourite hobbit in the recap at the start mumbling something about Skibo Castle :)