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A MasterChef Motivator

Masterchef Motivator

Limping through Holborn today (I had an unfortunate skipping accident), who should I pass but Gregg the Grocer aka Gregg Wallace of TV's Masterchef.

If I'd been a bit more on the ball, I would have yelled "
Puddingface!" at him; as it is, I just grinned inanely. He was too busy smiling smugly to himself to notice me anyway.

Perhaps he was fondly recalling today's episode of MasterChef: The Professionals. For tonight Mr Wallace unleashed the following corker:

"There is mistakes throughout your cooking".

I was giggling so much that I almost missed Michel Roux Jnr denouncing the crack in a chocolate roulade as a "Chasm" as in Chas'n'Dave (who incidentally split up today).

Happy days.


chumbles said…
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Tough day yesterday and today and was determined to be tough, stubborn and out of nowhere, the funniest thing I've read for days. Briliant and thank you.
Kavey said…
Truly, some of what he comes out with is astounding... on so MANY different levels.
Can't fault him for enthusiasm, though! ;)
franmouse39 said…
Eggy has become a true pantomime character.
Food Urchin said…
I've seen him striding down the street before towards his mucker's place, Smiths of Smithfield. Resplendent in a tweed suit and cap, his grin suggested that he thought he looked the bee knees. I thought that he looked like a bit of a twat but that's only my opinion mind.
Signe said…
Miss Meemalee, you are on fire! What is this about hobbling, skipping accidents...oi vey
Have been seriously put off Egg after reading some article with him saying being on tv made it easier to get off with 21yr olds. I guess he might have been joking but now see him as a massive letch drooling over any 'young ladies' who might be on masterchef.
Su-Lin said…
Ahahhaa, I can't watch Masterchef without shouting at the tv and you've captured the very essense of these jokers.

Didn't see your Song Que post before I headed there - fine place though a little cramped!
meemalee said…
@chumbles - You are a treasure, you know that.

@Kavey - It's got to the point where I think everything he says is a bit risque.

@aforkful - And that's why we love him.

@fran39 - I guess he knows he has to outdo the other judge :)

@Food Urchin - I wish I'd seen this ensemble.

@Signe - I've recovered thankfully. I was trying to prove to a five year old that I could still skip like a bad'un.

@TheFastestIndian - Link pretty please. Anyway, we all know he used Twitter to pull his current lovely :)
Carol said…
I couldn't deny what you're telling me. I really do not think I can be perfect in the kitchen. But I'm trying.