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Where's My Pork Chop? Payback Time

A long, long time ago, a scamp that I barely knew by the name of the Food Urchin caught me at a vulnerable moment and used some kind of Derren Brown-style trickery to convince me not only to make his dinner for him, but also to package it up and bring it to him.

It turned out he had previous form, as a whole cavalcade of foodies had somehow been suckered one by one into providing sustenance for this miscreant under the auspices of something called Where's My Pork Chop?

What's worse is that, rather than be grateful for our offerings, he felt at liberty to criticise our food and he even began to court the MasterChef finalists, as apparently none of us were high-profile or sexy enough. The swine.

Eventually, we could take no more, and we rebelled and demanded some recompense.

Astonishingly, he more than rose to the challenge with his #WMPCIMU.

Crank up the sound, watch the video and then join me in applauding the Food Urchin, for he is indeed the Fire Pit King.

Incidentally, an imu is an underground oven used in the Hawaiian style of cookery called kālua. So now you know.

And if you're foolish enough to want to join the official Where's My Pork Chop Fanclub, you can do so here.

(music: "Lubbock Street", written by Tom Phillips, performed by Joe Pavos and the Grasshoppers, taken from the soundtrack to Pure Evil II)


Food Urchin said…
Cheers MiMi, I was really touched but that post.

And you got to call me a miscreant back too!

meemalee said…
@Food Urchin

I was honoured to be there x
Greekfoodlover said…
Aaaan very interesting! Lovely video and looks like kleftiko made the proper way! How long did it cook for?
Biggest Jim said…
Quality night and the lamb was fantastic.

Great video MiMi. A pleasure to meet you at last.


meemalee said…
@Greekfoodlover - Um, a very long time. You'll have to ask FoodUrchin.

@Biggest Jim - Cheers - same to you :)
Kavey said…
Fucking genius video!
And I love the google shot at the end, when will jesus bring the pork chop? nearly made me wet myself!
Worst bit - I can hear my voice in the background and it's making me cringe! :)
Suzler said…
That looks very cool!
meemalee said…
@Kavey - Cheers love! It's always weird to hear your own voice x

@Suzler - It was very cool :)
May said…
That looked completely bonkers and good fun! What's the follow up to this?
meemalee said…
@May - We're hoping for an ox next year.
celiabb said…
Ah, Mimi, absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! A fine docu-footage ode to an event that was such a privilege to attend. XXX
meemalee said…

Thanks Celia! It was indeed an august occasion and a pleasure to meet so many lovely people xxx
Dan said…
Superb video MiMi, really caught the whole event beautifully, and superb evening Danny. Really was an experience. So glad to be able to say 'I was there'.
Mummy FU said…
Hi MiMi, Brilliant footage,you really caught the atmosphere. It was great to meet you and would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you 'Where's My Pork Chop?'followers who have fed my son over the past year.
meemalee said…
@Dan - Thanks Dan! Everything was brilliant thanks to our lovely hosts! And your balls were very tasty.

@Mummy FU - Awww, thanks Mummy FU - lovely to meet you and Daddy FU too! Very, very honoured to have you comment x
Great video and looks like you had a fun weekend :)
gastrogeek said…
hilarious! Nice shot of Joe's pants in there too. What a brilliant night, can't wait for the next one
meemalee said…
@I heart cupcakes - Thanks Anne - it was brilliant! Though some JD cupcakes would have gone down a treat too :)

@gastrogeek - Yeah, I thought you'd like that :p
Nicisme said…
Looks like you all had a great time!
The Ample Cook said…
What a great thing to do MiMi.

So nice to have a record of such a lovely evening.

Really great to meet you and Simon at last. Hope to meet up again soon.
meemalee said…
@Nicisme - We did - it was brilliant, thanks!

@The Ample Cook - Thanks Jan - I felt I had to pay tribute in some way :)

Lovely to meet you and Tiny too - must get some of his Tonsil Tickler! Oh and the gorgeous baklava!
Jones said…
Wow, that was some 'thankyou', looks amazing. Very noble of FU to risk his fence like that as well, looked like the flames were coming out of the pit pretty far!
Anonymous said…
Fire pit, fire pit we love you! In NZ it's called a hangi and in the islands of the south Pacific, an umu.
meemalee said…
@Jones - You didn't see the singed trees!

@sasasunakku - I love how so many different cultures had the same idea :)
The Grubworm said…
Damn, i could smell that all the way west of the Tamar! I can already see it's going to be one of those "where were you when..." moments.

Great video - gave me a flavour of the atmosphere, and great firepit from FU!
meemalee said…
@The Grubworm

You shoulda been there, dude - we missed you.
chumbles said…
Great video, MiMi, and what a load of fun it must have been. Food Urchin needs to know that there are a few blokes wandering Denmark who just do pig roasts and pit roasts for a living, if he ever needs alternative employment! And he could wear a viking's helmet too ;¬)
me loves this video! I just watched without the sound, but created my own dialogue along the lines of men, doing men things. The day looked a lot of fun very jealous.
meemalee said…
@chumbles - Thanks - it was fab! And I shall surely pass that information on to the Food Urchin :)

@Paul aka Pavel le Bouche

Oh - you must listen to the sound - you'd like the vid even more! There's a speech by Danny and the music (by my mate) is wonderful - I think it'd be right up your street!