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My 7 Links (a Tripbase meme)

TV Dinner at Complete History Bompas & Parr

The clip show. When a TV series wants to indulge in some onanistic nostalgia, they will often churn out an episode of greatest hits.

You start to watch, and you say to yourself, "God, have they completely run out of ideas? They're just dialling this in - I've seen this a million times", and you grab the remote to change the channel pronto.

But then you find yourself sinking back onto the sofa, as you think, "I don't think I've seen this one", or "That was funnier than I remember", and you give in and let the past wash over you.

This is a long-winded way of saying here's some stuff from my blog archives but for a very specific reason -I’ve been nominated by fellow blogger Gourmet Traveller to participate in Tripbase’s “My 7 Links" project. Her blog is beautiful by the way - go take a look.

The stated goal of Tripbase’s project is "to unite bloggers in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned (yes, I know) and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again".

The premise is simple. Provide links to 7 blog posts under the following categories, don’t over-think it, and pick five other bloggers to do the same:
  • Your most beautiful post
  • Your most popular post
  • Your most controversial post
  • Your most helpful post
  • A post whose success surprised you
  • A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • The post that you are most proud of
So here are my seven links:


Probably On the Road to Mandalay, on returning to the place from which my father and his family hail. It makes me miss Burma.

On the Road to Mandalay


Svið - Satan's Face on a Plate, about an interesting meal I had in Iceland last year, closely followed by my recaps of MasterChef. This both saddens and pleases me.

Svið - Satan's Face on a Plate


Nothing like Good Customer Service which can't really be separated from Dinner by Heston, meh. The latter made the head chef unfollow me on Twitter - BOO-yah.

I still kinda like Heston Blumenthal, mind.

Dinner by Heston, meh


Helpful? Helpful? Jeez, I don't know.

I guess Tokyo's Best little Sushi Bar None has enabled a few people find their sushi heaven whilst in Japan, plus I provided a super-helpful bilingual picture guide to different types of sushi. You're welcome.

Tokyo's Best little Sushi Bar None


Kellogg's Nature's Pleasure - Ban This Filth - this was me being completely infantile, but this silliness was then picked up by a couple of media outlets including Serious Eats and went vaguely viral.

And Kellogg's proved themselves to have a sense of humour too. A happy ending. Although they then discontinued the cereal in question.

Kellogg's Nature's Pleasure - Ban This Filth


Behind the Scenes at Kai We Care just because the video took me so. freaking. long. to make.

Where's the love, people? Where's the love?

Petits Fours from Edd Kimber and Luke Mackay at Kai We Care


I'm cheating here by choosing two unrelated ones.

Thoughts on Radiation Poisoning which dealt with an illness I've never really spoken about and started my mini-campaign to raise money for earthquake-hit Japan, and Meat Fruit is not a Double Entendre about the patheticness of Top Gear-style "banter".

Bags for Japan

So there you have it - a trip down memory lane - hopefully you enjoyed it. And if you didn't, why are you here?

I now pass on the baton to five of my favourite blogs:


KirkK said…
It's a Meemalee meme! lol! I recall reading those posts. Thanks for the nod, though I'm not really sure if I'm up to the task!
Tracy` said…
Thank you so much for the mention! I missed a few of the posts you mentioned so it will be a treat to catch up today while I eat my lunch. I did a very similar post a while back as part of a Problogger project:
tori said…
I love this- have had such a great time going back through the archive (and laughing, lots).
Food Urchin said…
Thanks for the kick up the a**e, will follow suit very shortly with my 7 links : )
meemalee said…
@KirkK - You're more than up to the task!

@Tracy - Cool, I will have a read :)

@tori - Thank you Tori!

@Food Urchin - *kicks harder*
Really touched that I'm one of your favourite blogs, I'll definitely do this later in the week.
Kavey said…
Love the Meemaleme! Mine's coming soon, but it's icecreamwednesday tomorrow so it's coming after that!
meemalee said…
@Mr London Street - I don't just read food blogs, y'know :)

@Kavey - I saw you were already nominated - glad you're taking part too!
Shu Han said…
It's my first time at your blog, so it's great to see a recap. wow at the heston post hahaha. anyway i came here through london foodie, so excited about the potluck club, first time I heard of it! I hope I'll be taking part in it, if all goes well (:
meemalee said…
@Shu Han - Hi Shu Han, thanks and welcome! Hopefully we'll meet soon then :)
catty said…
That cows head on a plate still freaks me out! and mmmm meat fruittttt!